Kyau & Albert, Firehouse, Weinfelden

10. February 2013

Kyau & Albert, Firehouse, Weinfelden

Kyau & Albert, have been talking about an album release since months, played in Switzerland and most of you missed it. We were there. Some impressions here.

First, I would go to and listen to the huge tracks. Then imagine a small cute crowd, some just dancing, some with their eyes closed, some with their hands in the air, and most of them getting goosebumps by the beats of Kyau & Albert. It was kind of cute.

As mentioned, there were not too many people there. Maybe it was too cold, maybe poeple didn’t know about it. But the folks that were there, were delightful, not as you might be used to by clubs in Zürich and Co. This is a big plus!

The club is a very nice location with reasonable prices. The beer is maybe a bit too small with 2.5 dl. There were some seats, which of course not being used during Kyau & Albert’s set. The restrooms were clean, and the atmosphere was just great.

Some musical impressions, enjoy:

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