Ida Engberg, Borderline, Basel – Review

4. March 2013

Ida Engberg, Borderline, Basel

One more time, we have visited the Borderline. This time it’s up to me to write a short review about this event.

For some reason, the Borderline makes me feel like I’m in Berlin, for example it’s look, the German staff, the drug consuming guests, or just the great music. Positive or not, a Berlin feeling is really worth a visit. The club has a nice atmosphere, and is large enough for a big crowd, and the prices of the drinks are fair (well, we had some problems understanding, if the bottles were returnable or not, and we still don’t understand, but we got those coupons). The sound system is quite impressive, could be a bit louder though, but I always criticize this, so it’s actually not critics anymore, I just have to get used to my bad ears.

But there also things, that remind me that we still are on the Swiss side of the border. Say, for example, a whistling DJ, people with bad manners, or the ticket prices. I mean, all of those are neither good or bad (well except for the people with the bad manners). But there is one thing, that really bothers me. I like to smoke a cigarette from time to time, but I can go outside for this. This is not a problem, neither for me, nor for the majority of the (weekend)smokers. But it’s really nasty to club within all that smoke. Maybe it’s just me. In Berlin they have a pro-forma smoke prohibition in the clubs, and whoever does not care, still smokes inside. But what I’ve experienced in the Borderline is really the top of everything I’ve seen before. Maybe it’s just bad air conditioning, which is actually another sign, making you sure that you are in Switzerland.

Well now I’ve moaned enough. We had a great evening in the Borderline, it is a great club, and we’ll sure come back, Fumoir or not. And Ida Engberg played a darn good set, becoming better and better as time went by.

I would give this evening four out of five stars.

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