Niko Schwind & Kellerkind – Lose Control – Light my Fire

25. March 2013

Artists: Niko Schwind & Kellerkind

Release Name: Lose Control EP

Label: Light my Fire

Release Date: 22 March 2013

Cat. Nr.: LMF006


Facebook – Niko Schwind
Soundcloud – Niko Schwind
Facebook – Kellerkind
Soundcloud – Kellerkind


Nothing beats a good friendship. Thats why we are particularly pleased that Niko Schwind and Kellerkind have offered us their first collaborative tracks, which are now being released in the form of LMF006 Lose Control. The title track is a tough and grooving dropped-tempo house cut that lays a ghetto spoken word over a pumping bass line and wild synth crescendos. Clearly the pair is keen to cause some havoc on the dance floor. On his remix, Teenage Mutants tones down the originals synths and shifts the emphasis on to a dominant bass line, thus creating a low-slung, contemporary-feeling interpretation. With Everybody, Niko Schwind and Kellerkind then present us with an infectious disco-house track made up of vivid synth stabs, laidback vocal chops and filtered breaks. The EP concludes with On the Floor, which has a slightly dreamier feel due to subtle, stretched-out synth pads that are kept in place by a solid groove.

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